Customized Grids

Customized grids, different design, material and corrosion protection


Shroud design

Individual shroud design, optional material and surface treatment


Impeller range

Wide Multi-Wing impeller range Low/mid/high pressure 250mm-1.800mm


EC Motor

Robust AC or high efficient EC motors. IP55 to IP66. -40°C to +250°C EC motors with integrated or external drive



Flange mounting Foot mounting


EFLOW CUSTOMFAN is part of the EFLOW group. The CUSTOMFAN solution presents custom-made fans with Multi-Wing impellers designed to fit your project needs. We know that the impeller is the key component of the axial fan, however, many other factors influence the fan function. In the design process, we take all factors into account to achieve the optimum flow, less vibration and maximum noise reduction.

Designed to fit in the customer‘s application – not vice versa


Adjustment to your geometry, not vice versa. Maximum performance with Multi-Wing impellers without the need to adapt to a catalog fan.

Selection of the motor type that is necessary for your project, according to factors such as power, RPM, quality, etc.

Selection of materials that are necessary for your project according to factors such as high/low temperature, ATEX, chemical substances, etc.

Treatment of the casing, support, and grids according to your project requirements.

Paint and color that suits you.

Client-Engineer discussion



Mass production

Who are We targeting?

   Customers who make their own fan.

   Fan manufacturers who want to expand their range of fans.

   Customers with strict criteria for designs, such as high pressure, low temperature, and low-noise level.

   Customers who search for competitive solutions.

   Customers who want to improve their current application.